Please Read: General Information About Filling This Application


1/.        Applicant must be of Niger Delta Origin

2./        This scholarship scheme is designed for interested applicants who have already secured admission into an institution of higher learning overseas.

3/.        NDDC will not undertake the responsibility of securing relevant travel visa(s) for applicants.

4/.        NDDC will not undertake the responsibility of securing and/or paying for flight / travel to the country of study.

5/.        Double application under different names or aliases will be detected and void application.

6/.        Application is FREE online, no person, group or establishment has been authorized to assist those who wish to apply. NDDC will never ask for any kkkkkmoney to facilitate this process.

7/.        Only successful candidates will be contacted, there is no need for physical representation or solicitation.

8/.        All relevant documents supporting your program and admission are to be scanned and attached to this application form. There is no need to submit aaaaaor post hard copies of such documents in any form to NDDC.